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DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD CHEETOS MITCH VS GUY, ANIMAL TESTING. Download the./.Explore Our Programs & Services Mental Health Assistance Discover Minnesota’s only community-based approach to mental health care. We are one of the only organizations in Minnesota that exclusively treats and provides services to individuals who have serious mental illnesses. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including psychiatric care, psychotherapy, psychiatric emergency services, case management and advocacy. We are committed to helping people who have serious mental illness and who may be at risk of dying by suicide. To learn more, call 877-293-4465 or visit our website.1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to an apparatus for picking up papers on a feeding roller. 2. Description of the Prior Art In this type of paper feeding apparatus, a lid plate is provided in order to open and close a picking-up section of a paper feeder. The lid plate is pivotally operated by means of a motor to open and close a paper feeding passage in the picking-up section. In a conventional paper feeder, a paper feed passage in the picking-up section is opened and closed by means of a lid plate that is pivoted by a motor. When the lid plate is pivoted, a pick-up roller is separated from the feeding roller, and an inserted paper is fed to a paper path in the feeding section. The paper feeder is arranged such that an interval between an edge of the paper feeding passage of the picking-up section and an edge of the paper feeding passage of the feeding section is relatively short in order to prevent the picked-up paper from getting out of the paper feeding passage. Thus, as shown in FIG. 1, a distance L1 of a pick-up edge of a pick-up roller 2 from a feeding edge of a feeding roller 1 is approximately equal to or less than the sum of a distance L2 of a paper feeding passage of a picking-up section 3 from a paper feeding passage of a feeding section 4, and a predetermined distance L3 from the feeding edge to a picking-up edge of a lid plate 5. However, since an interval between a fed paper and a picked-up paper is relatively short, a portion of the paper is bent when